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5. Much Ado About Money! An Interview with Dr. Stephen Boush of TIE TAX

December 30, 2022 Audrey Forgeron and David Carpenter Season 1
Educators Going Global
5. Much Ado About Money! An Interview with Dr. Stephen Boush of TIE TAX
Show Notes

Dr. Stephen Boush of TIE TAX and The Investment Center joined us from Seoul, Korea, for this episode. 

Stephen joined The Investment Center in 2005, providing financial advisory services for clients worldwide. Focused on retirement planning and client education, Dr. Boush brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients with the goal of education and portfolio growth. Stephen is licensed to provide services in a variety of financial areas.

Stephen is a FINRA-licensed broker with series FINRA Series 7 General Securities Representative, FINRA Series 66 Investment Advisor Representative, and FINRA Series 24 General Securities Principal licenses, as well as various health, life, and annuity insurance licenses.

Having lived abroad for most of his life and is now located in East Asia, Stephen has a unique understanding of the expatriate community’s financial needs. He is able to assist nationals of any country in finding the best blend of investments and assets to help attain their savings and financial goals. He also addresses the unique tax issues faced by US ex-pats who live abroad.

The guiding question for this episode is “How can international educators best set themselves up for financial success?”.

We covered three areas of finances in this episode: Salary and Benefits, Taxes, and Retirement Planning.

This episode was recorded on September 8, 2022. 

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